Dev Retro 2022: From Doubt to Confidence: My Journey to Believe in Me.

Dev Retro 2022: From Doubt to Confidence: My Journey to Believe in Me.

The Steps I Took to Transform My Mindset and Achieve Success

Hello Hashnoders,

I am Nakul Goel, and my story is one of the most interesting yet inspiring for most of you as I am actually smiling while writing this blog because this blog will be one of the most interesting blogs I ever wrote.

This blog is about my journey and how in just one year, my life changed from a corporate employee to an entrepreneur to a coder and now a knowledge disperser.

sounds interesting, isn't it?

I told you this story will be inspiring for all of those who are afraid to accept the word that is change.

5 Tips for Mastering Change – Modern Minds

Below is my journey:-

Resignation - A horror story

I come from a typical Indian family where resigning from a very good job and starting a new business is considered not good. My family was against my resignation from the job and actually, they were also correct because they care for me but I was not happy with my job as my passion was to start my own venture somehow I convinced them and I resigned- the most horrifying phase in my life.

with a little money in my pocket, I am standing on the road thinking

What's NEXT?

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Becoming Entrepreneur

After resigning what's next I had a lot of ideas in my mind that what to start so then comes the research part and after researching a lot.

I registered my two companies with the government of India named as Tarshika Travel Booket Private Limited and VLG Online Pooja Ghar Private Limited .

VLG Online Pooja Ghar Private Limited

This is my first company whose aim is to become India's first spiritual E-commerce marketplace that caters to the field of religious products in India.

Tarshika Travel Booket Private Limited

This was my second company whose aim is to become India's number 1 travel planner company that actually provides the best services to the customer.

Becoming Programmer

Both of my companies are technology driven and I realized that to run both companies I need to learn coding that's how I landed up in coding, with little experience in developing WordPress sites using themes so I thought coding will take only one month or so but to realization, it is a never-ending process.

The biggest problem with aspiring developer

  1. College- they don't teach you what's required by the industry.

  2. Youtube- The courses on youtube are good but there is no proper roadmap to study (students end up studying which is not required Tutorial Hell) and their doubts are never solved.

  3. Good courses take a lot of money which many of us can't afford.

Becoming Knowledge Disperser

Now that I know a lot of aspiring developers are facing many issues I thought of sharing my knowledge with all of them and was looking for the right platform and there I found hash node.

A place where I can share my knowledge with other aspiring developers and also learn more from the senior developers and that is how I landed up here.

I have written 26+ articles on web development and started two courses related to web development and all the courses are free of cost.

if you guys want to learn from a learner then it's worth following me on youtube as well as hashnode.

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Future Goal

currently, I am working on both of my ventures and will soon release a full-fledged website + mobile application for both of my companies.

That's my journey

thank you for reading, and Keep Learning.

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