How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022 (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022 (Step-by-Step Guide)

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In the 21st century if you don't know how to program then you don't belong here. It's hard but it's true, look around you and you will find most of the things run through programming.

Hello and welcome to my blog. This blog will be a part of a very big series that will be about web development and how to become a full-stack web developer.

This article could be a little big for some of you who are going through who is the full-stack developer for the first time, I request you to read it and if you don't get something refer to the youtube video below that will soon be uploaded.

Who is a full-stack web developer?

A Software engineer who can design the website and manage both frontend and backend.

Scopes of a Full Stack Developer

  • 8,53,000 open job roles for Full Stack Developers by 2024
  • Highest-paid professionals.
  • The average salary for a talented Full Stack Developer is more than the average salary of any other software developer in the industry.
  • Stable career
  • Huge career growth

Where to Start?

Identify The Skills You Need to Learn

1. Frontend- Languages

  1. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
  2. CSS - Cascading Style sheet
  3. JavaScript - Programming language


2. Backend

The backend consists of three parts:-

  1. A server

    The computer which is operating 24/7 in which your website is running.

  2. An application

    A back-end application or program supports front-end user services, and interfaces with any required resources.

  3. Database

    A database is a systematic collection of data. Some examples of the database are:-

    • MySQL, SQLite, Postgres
    • MongoDB, Cassandra, Apache storm, Sphinx
    • VoltDB and MemSQL

    Don't get confused, Examples are just for reference. The database that we will learn is MongoDB

3. Version Control


  • Collaboration
  • version control(tracking version & Controlling it)
  • keeps track of everything- who edited, when edited, what changes are made

- Determine Your Ideal Timeline

The ideal timeline to become a full-stack developer is 6-8 months and I have made a roadmap that will help you.

-- First Month

  1. JavaScript Basics
  2. Data Structure and Algorithms (Array and Strings)
  3. Basic HTML
  4. Basic CSS

--Second Month

  1. Data Structure and Algorithm (Time Complexity, Two pointers, sliding window, Kadane's Algorithm)
  2. DOM manipulation JavaScript
  3. APIs
  4. Projects
  5. Focus on Leetcode also

--Third Month

  1. Advanced JavaScript
  2. Advanced CSS
  3. Data Structures and Algorithm (Stacks)
  4. Projects (Advance CRUD)

--Fourth Month

  1. Reacts.js
  2. Data Structures and Algorithm (Queue, recursion, Backtracking)
  3. Project(developing a website through react)

--Fifth Month

  1. Node.js
  2. Express.js
  3. MongoDB
  4. DSA(dynamic Programming, Linked list)

--Sixth Month

  1. System Designing
  2. Operating system
  3. Projects
  4. DSA(Graph)
  5. Project

--Seven Month

  1. Revising all the things you learned till now
  2. Projects

--Eight Month

  1. Apply for a job
  2. Make a big project
  3. Build your Portfolio

Start Learning in a Format That Suits You

The best format according to me is that you should give at least 8-10 hrs a day then only you can succeed with this plan moreover, I will be making a full day-to-day study plan for all of you so that you can understand the concept in a better way.

Things to learn

- Choosing a Tech Stack

The most important or most demanded tech stack that one has to focus on is the MERN stack:-

  • MongoDB
  • React.js
  • Express.js
  • Node.js

Some Extra Information

Frontend Frameworks

JS Frameworks

  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS

CSS Frameworks

  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma
  • Tailwind CSS

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